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Salesforce email

  • 1.  Salesforce email

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 01-19-2021 20:37
    Hi all

    Slowly getting my head around Salesforce email integration options but hoping someone can help clear a few things up for me please:

    From what I've gathered, at a high level there's two methods - email arriving in Genesys Cloud and routing to an agent.  In this case, the SF integraiton would screen pop a case or contact based on the SF_ item being added in a flow.  In this scenario, content and response is stored in Genesys Cloud.

    The other method is having email arriving in Salesforce.  It's this piece I'm a little confused on.  The articles I've read talk about using process builder to route emails to Genesys Cloud based on having retrieved email settings.  So from what I'm understanding there's a couple of email scenarios:
    1. Customer emails to some contact centre inbox - potentially from a feedback form on a website or directly
    2. Customer receives an email about a case that was raised, and responds to that
    3. Agent initiates an outbound email to a customer
    In the case of these scenarios, how would the route salesforce emails to Genesys actually work?

    Would there be a process builder flow setup for each of these?

    How does the email actually arrive at Salesforce to begin with?

    A company wouldn't have their whole mail domain going to SF so I'm guessing there's some type of email/alias setup done in Salesforce like we'd do in Genesys Cloud and some company email addresses would be forwarded to that?

    Where in SF is that type of configuration actually done?

    Vaun McCarthy

  • 2.  RE: Salesforce email

    Posted 01-20-2021 08:04
    There are a number of different ways that email into SFDC is leveraged, so that arrangement is up to each individual customer based on the totality of their needs.  The most common that I encounter is a support alias being redirected to leverage SFDC's email to case functionality.

    The process builder flows you create are what dictates which emails get routed through Genesys Cloud.  The SFDC flows make evaluations based on the attributes of the email/case/custome object, then invoke an API call into Genesys Cloud to create a third party email conversation; this email conversation contains the information on what Salesforce object to screenpop when it is delivered to the Agent, but does not contain the content of the email/case/custom object.  Once it is routed to the agent (leveraging the logic in the Architect Flow and/or routing rules of the queue the conversation is assigned to), the screen pop to the SFDC object provides the agent the mechanism to respond, directly in the SFDC UI.

    I can't really get into more specifics, because those specifics are what is contained inside the Process Builder Flow, the Architect Flow, and the queue configuration.

    Richard Schott
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Salesforce email

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    Posted 01-20-2021 14:52
    Thanks Richard.

    • Regarding redirecting aliases, what is the setting/config section called where you setup the aliases that SFDC will accept?  I assume you then put those into your process builder flows?
    • What does the actual logic look like?  Do ALL emails come in through the email to case functionality and then use process builder to direct them to Genesys Cloud?
    • What if it's an initial email or not related to any specific case?  What would do the job of creating a new case in that scenario?  Process builder again?  If so, then at what point would it trigger the delivery of that email to Genesys Cloud?
    • What about OUTBOUND emails either by an agent emailing out from a SFDC contact record, or as part of an outbound campaign (which I assume would also be integrated)?

    Vaun McCarthy
    NTT New Zealand Limited

  • 4.  RE: Salesforce email

    Posted 01-20-2021 15:30
    Honestly, there are entirely too many permutations to discuss in a forum like this.  Many of the decisions that need to be made regarding configuration options are dependent on your operational goals, the structure of your organization, your level of sophistication within the SFDC platform, and other criteria that vary widely from one company to the next.

    The documentation regarding the email routing portion of the integration go into some level of detail in terms of configuring a process builder flow to react to an email message, and leave out whether it's associated with a case or some other SFDC object.  Some of your options in terms of how to treat entities within SFDC are governed by the boundaries of process builder or lightning flows; the key thing to factor into your reasoning on how to set things up is that the output path is the creation of a Genesys Cloud Routing Request object.  This object, which is part of the managed package, is the thing that causes an email conversation to be created on Genesys Cloud.  You logic within the flow will be specific to your organization, making determinations about how to sort, filter, and classify SFDC objects, then make the determination that you this thing should now become an email within Genesys Cloud.

    From there, additional logic can be applied to augment how that email is routed, or not.  The emails could all simply be dumped into a single queue and addressed in chronological order; I'm not saying this is the right way to do it, just that it could be that simple.  Again, the logic you apply and the sophistication/complexity you wish to inject into the process is entirely up to you and your goals.

    Probably the best way to reason through all the different options you have at your disposal is to setup the integration and begin experimenting.  Send your emails into a test queue that you have access to, and lay out the process builder flows, architect flows, etc. based on what it is that you're trying to achieve.

    Richard Schott
    Genesys - Employees