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Corrupted Faxes being sent to users when faxes fail

  • 1.  Corrupted Faxes being sent to users when faxes fail

    Posted 12-30-2020 14:49

    One of my customers reported an issue with inbound faxes. Occasionally they have received faxes in their inbox (and email) that contain a corrupted 1kb file.

    When I used the API to view more details I found that there were errors regarding fax failure and it specifically referenced fax error code: 131358.

    I opened a ticket with support and that said it was a protocol error and provided the following:

    "131358: ECM Failure -problem in ECM package. This means Genesys Cloud detected an error in the transmission and tried to correct it"

    They wanted to turn on captures and go through the whole process of tracking down the reason for the failure. We weren't interested in the cause of the failure, as we didn't even know who the faxes were from and couldn't ask them to test. We trying to understand why a user received a corrupted file when a known error occurred.

    After sending this to dev, I was told to create a feature request if I wanted to have this behavior changed. I escalated the issue to try to get my point across that this seemed like a bug, but that didn't go anywhere. I resorted to submitting a feature request and wanted to share my experience here.

    It doesn't sound like an unreasonable request to prevent corrupted faxes from being delivered. To me it seems like a bug, even if ECM tries to correct it. It should be extremely easy to detect the file size and not send 1kb files to users.

    If anyone else runs into receiving corrupted faxes or just wants to avoid the potential issue, please vote for the idea I summitted to the ideas lab. Hopefully this will get noticed and we can get this fixed.

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    Daniel McLeod
    Qsect LLC