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Support for Email Subaddressing in Genesys Cloud

  • 1.  Support for Email Subaddressing in Genesys Cloud

    GCAP Member
    Posted 12-16-2020 06:27

    Would you be able to support emails with sub-addressing?

    Custom email addresses are an optional feature that some email providers can support. The feature is described in the RFC 5233 internet standard.

    Officially known as subaddressing, this standard allows users to extend their email address using "tags" or the plus (+) character, hence its two alternative names of tagged addressing or plus addressing.

    For example, a user with the email address of can use the plus addressing feature to extend their email address to

    If the user's email address supports subaddressing, all emails sent to the email will land in the user's inbox.

    I see that AWS (finally) have support for it, and from what I understand Genesys Cloud uses AWS email services

    Today we pass order info from our email form on the website via the email subject and body, and this would be a much better solution.

    Samuel Kling
    Etraveli Group AB

  • 2.  RE: Support for Email Subaddressing in Genesys Cloud

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 01-24-2021 20:49
    Task routing would take care of this for an even better method.  I would suggest having it in the subject or body and have the Flow read that value.

    I see you have added this to the ideas site:  Support emails with sub-addressing | Genesys Cloud Ideas Lab ( and under community review.   Get some of your colleagues and friends to vote it up.

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    Avtex Solutions, LLC
    Contact Center Innovation Architect

  • 3.  RE: Support for Email Subaddressing in Genesys Cloud

    GCAP Member
    Posted 01-26-2021 05:30
    That is how we are doing today for incoming emails and emails from our webforms on sites. It's far from optimal and prone to flow errors since Architect has no support for regular expressions, but that's a different topic. (Creating a microservice that interprets the raw email and return valid values that you call from a data action in your email flow would probably be the best way)

    I can give you some context on why sub addressing would be helpful for us for outgoing emails.

    We have 10+ brands and multiple languages served from the same queues. Since you can only configure one outgoing email address per queue, we need to send outgoing emails from a separate system.

    We cannot rely on values passed in the email body since the customer might not include the initial email in their reply.
    We do pass OrderID as a part of the subject today but it's far less likely that the customer would change the reply-to address than changing the subject.

    Samuel Kling
    Etraveli Group AB