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Google TTS Integration issues

  • 1.  Google TTS Integration issues

    GCAP Member
    Posted 8 days ago
    Edited by Gerben Duijster 8 days ago

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to check a couple of things related to your experience using Google TTS integration.
    I just went through a major redesign of our IVR and integrated Google TTS for about 10 languages for 25+ countries.

    During our test-phase we had 2 days of strange voice changes (to Genesys default TTS) and delays between blocks of text, the issue did not return after this. (during this timeframe we also experienced some issues with Genesys Cloud, so I hoped it was related to this).

    Today we suffered TTS quality deterioriation and in some cases pauses were skipped, I received an email from Google that our trial expired on Saturday.

    The exact message:

    "Time has run out, and your free trial is over. After 30 days, your work may be deleted. Upgrade now to keep working and gain full access to the Google Cloud Platform global infrastructure."

    I upgraded our account immediately, I expected it to keep working for 30 days, since I did not receive any warning prior to this email.
    Now everything seems to be back to normal, but I wonder if the account expiration is the cause of the issue or if you have experienced similar issues with Google TTS integration.

    I really want to trust the platform and the integration, but having no clue as to what is causing these issues, makes me wonder if I should just record and upload instead of using TTS. (which would be a real pain, since there's a lot of prompts and languages to go through).

    Hope comeone can shed some light on this as I could not find anything related to this anywhere.


    Gerben Duijster

    Sr. Technical Support Operations Specialist WEU
    Becton Dickinson

  • 2.  RE: Google TTS Integration issues

    Posted 8 days ago
    When Genesys sends a TTS request to an external vendor (Google, AWS Polly, or any of the other TTS vendors we support), if the request fails we fall back to the Genesys TTS engine, if it supports the language.  If Genesys TTS doesn't support the language, the call just hears silence and the flow moves on.  A failure from the external vendor includes not just errors from them, but if they take too long to respond to the request.  If they take too long, we fall back to our own TTS engine and move on.  Genesys does not give you any notifications about the TTS errors, so you need to keep an eye on your Google account and the quotas it has.

    Melissa Bailey
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Google TTS Integration issues

    GCAP Member
    Posted 7 days ago
    Thanks for your reply Melissa,

    I am fully aware Google is an external vendor for this integration, I am just wondering what experience others have using this service as I really want this solution to be reliable. I currently am using it for all our IVR messages in 10 languages, so if this fails it will be a major hit to our CX.

    The issue I faced yesterday is something I want to be able to explain, since the trial ended without any prior notification and it just says "After 30 days your work may be deleted", I am wondering if this also means the service is degraded until you upgrade your subscription.

    Gerben Duijster
    Becton Dickinson and Company