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  • 1.  Exclude Directory

    GCAP Member
    Posted 09-22-2020 15:37
    Has anyone successfully hidden the Company Directory?

    It would be awesome find a way to provide a method to hide or exclude users from the Directory. Similar to the feature in PureConnect, where you can select users to exclude from the company directory.

    • A good use-case for this would be to exclude c-level users from the directory. There are proper channels in an organization in which a Level I agent could reach the CFO of a company, but blindly initiating a video chat, chat, or call directly from a front line worker to the CFO may be unacceptable.

    • Another use-case would be any fictitious users created to perform a function, like sending voicemails to distribution email addresses. Sometimes arbitrary user accounts are created to serve a purpose not related to a physical human or single individual. For example: inbound faxes to Sales might need to be received by an entire team and not an individual. One might create a Genesys Cloud user called Acme Sales with an identity of a distribution address like There is no need for HR or unrelated users to chat or call this this Acme Sales fictitious user. The proper solution might be to "exclude" or "hide" from the directory.

    • Another use-case similar to idea #682. External clients/customers/partners with division-level access to Genesys cloud should not be able to see or contact people from other divisions. For example: one might grant an external client access into Genesys Cloud to obtain call recordings or historical reporting, or contact an internal member of the team. This client should be isolated so they can only see their division team members.

    If no one has figured this out or if it's not possible, I posted an idea for this:

    Christopher Kaldenberg
    EMS, Inc.