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Adding 9 to outbound dialing, but keeping Caller ID formatting

  • 1.  Adding 9 to outbound dialing, but keeping Caller ID formatting

    Posted 19 days ago
    We are using a BYOC configuration, whereas, our Genesys environment receives and makes calls via a SIP trunk connection to our existing Mitel 3300 PBX.  In order to dial out via the Mitel, users have to dial a 9 before dialing their phone number, to gain outgoing access.  This functionality works currently through Genesys.  The only issue is the call formatting for the user.  Instead of dialing xxx-xxx-xxxx, and getting either city and state, or the actual name of who they are calling, they just get 9xxxxxxxxxx.  I'm trying to get Genesys to automatically add the 9 to outgoing phone calls of 10 digits or more, WITHOUT initially adding it to the dial string, therefore keeping the caller ID formatting intact.

    A Genesys engineer recommended going to the numbering plan, setting outgoing calls match type to Regular Expression, and then adding

    (^\d{10}$) as the Match Expression, and 9$1 as the Normalized Number Expression.  Although this works in the sense that it allows the caller to ONLY have to dial their 10 digit number, it still formats the call for the user as 9xxxxxxxxxx, and labels it as National, the name of the Numbering Plan that it used to go out.

    I have tried playing around with the Expressions under External Trunks>Edit External Trunk>Identity.  With the following example, I was able to get the system to call my cellphone.  However, the formatting of the call comes across as +91 xxx-xxxxxxx.

    Outbound Call Expression testing

    Does anyone know of a way to add the 9 so that the Mitel system will recognize it and allow the call outbound, while allowing the caller to only dial their 10+ digit phone number.  We also have 5 digit extension numbers on the Mitel, and this dialing plan does not affect calling from Genesys extensions to Mitel extensions.  If it's not possible, that's fine.  We can deal with having to dial 9+number and the users will just not get to see the phone numbers formatted correctly in their call history.  However, if we could program Genesys to automatically dial the 9 when dialing more than 5 digits (i.e. an outside call), so that the call formatting appears correctly for our users, that would be fantastic.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


    Chris Dent
    Ovation Travel Group, Inc