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Configurable Call Analysis Timers

  • 1.  Configurable Call Analysis Timers

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi All,

    Not really a question but wanted to post about an Idea I have raised with regards to Call Analysis timers.

    With regulations on automated outbound dialling it can be difficult to use Call Analysis in certain circumstance because of the time taken to analyse for a live voice or answering machine. Our Call Analysis is very strong, however, there are no settings to tell the system how long to analyse a call before making a decision on whether it's a Live Person or Answering Machine. A secondary setting mentioned in my Idea is to set how long to listen to silence when a call is answered. I've seen many occasions where the external party picks up the call but doesn't speak, leaving the system hanging waiting for voice.

    Lowering the time of analysis will reduce the confidence the system has in accurately assessing what is going on, but with that understanding, tweaking some settings might help with your Predictive Campaigns.

    You can check out Idea 303 here and hopefully, if you feel it's useful, give it some votes.


    Craig Stevenson
    Genesys - Employees