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Sandox/Testing Environment

  • 1.  Sandox/Testing Environment

    Posted 01-21-2021 10:52
    Good Day,
    Is there a testing/sandbox  environment , which can be used to test the creation of call flows different from the production environment ? This will be useful in testing new designs and complicated call flows as well as it will come in handy for training new administrators.

    Samuel Effange
    Nissan North America, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Sandox/Testing Environment

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 01-24-2021 18:35
    There is no free or default dev or sandbox.  You have two options:

    1.  Get a Dev org
    This will costs you a minimum per month and gives you something like 5 or 10 PC3 licenses.  You still have to pay for any usage of voice or BYOT

    2.  Use Divisions
    With divisions in your Production ORG, you can separate out flows to their own division and only people in that division will be able to see it.  The division can also have thier own queues and other parts of the ORG for separation and visibility restrictions.   This method allows you to access your existing data actions and prompts.  When you are done testing, you just move into production and move into your home division.

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    Avtex Solutions, LLC
    Contact Center Innovation Architect