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  • 1.  Maximum Calls per Trunk

    Posted 10-14-2020 12:57

    Hi Community


    Greetings everyone as this is my first post.


    For external trunks it is possible to configure a maximum number of calls, the flows are multiplied by the number of edges in which this trunk is configured.

    I was wondering if there is a way to configure a maximum of calls only per trunk since we need to limit the maximum of calls regardless of the amount of Edge that is had in the ORG.

    We currently have a trunk with a SIP provider with 300 channels, of these channels we want to use only 200 for inbound and 100 for outbound calls, configure my inbound trunk with these 200 channels but by multiplying by the amount of Edge (* 2) I can accept up to 400 calls, if we limit the trunk to 100 channels in case of having one of the Edge drops due to some problem (Network, Electric, etc.) the other could only accept 100 calls with this trunk and we want it to be able to accept the 200 so as not to have affectations in the operation of our client.




    Juan Cruz Arango
    Information Systems Sudamericana S.A.