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Salesforce Integration

  • 1.  Salesforce Integration

    Posted 6 days ago


    As we are designing our architecture having Genesys hadling the incoming interactions, and using Genesys Cloud for Salesforce managed package. Salesforce is our system of record, to manage case creation and interactions logging with customer.

    On email side the scenario is quite simpler, as we are using email-to-case we have already the case to associate the task to.

    However for calls, the use cases are quite more tricky, having scenarios where agents need to pick cases to followup and associate the task to, or if a new case is created we also need to make sure that the task created by the interaction is also associated correctly with the new case.

    Having said this, we have a question around this and what is the best practice suggested by genesys to approach this problem. We have tried the Auto Association on Navigation but we are afraid that if the agent navigates around different cases that the task might be associated to the wrong case.

    So what is the usual/recommended approach to make sure that when creating or opening a case the task is associated to the right case?


    RenePerez Solis
    Service Architect

  • 2.  RE: Salesforce Integration

    Posted 6 days ago
    We just implemented Genesys Cloud for salesforce, and I'm interested in hearing feedback about the best practice as well.  Currently we have auto-association turned on and the agents try to create/save the new case while on the phone with the customer so that the auto-association picks up the case number and links it.  Sometimes this is not possible, so the agents have a list view and report to help link up the task/case after the call.  We are also using the interaction log in the widget to capture some details from the call which auto-populates into the task.  The arrow at the bottom of the widget takes the agent directly into the task and they can relate the case number then.  If the call is a transfer or the customer has a question not related to our business, the agents are allowed to leave the task as is with comments from the interaction log and no case linked.  So if the agent does not link a case to the task, they need to explain in the task comment why.  ​

    Trisha Roskom
    Koch Business Solutions