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Visual Indication of Call Direction

  • 1.  Visual Indication of Call Direction

    Posted 11-28-2020 01:14
    We have an in-flight project where the Customer has asked for a visual indication of the call direction for an Agent.

    That is, they want to be able to check whether an Agent is on an Inbound or Outbound Call (or Interaction), separate to showing as 'Communicating' versus 'Interacting'. For example, the Call History indicates Outbound Calls using a phone icon with an arrow.

    Neither the 'Wallboards' nor the 'Performance Views' seem to show this.

    Is this available in Cloud product, before we start investigating API development or 3rd party product?

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks and regards,
    Malcolm Green
    Nexon Asia Pacific

  • 2.  RE: Visual Indication of Call Direction

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 11-28-2020 15:47
    Hi Malcolm

    If I recall correctly, the interactions view may be the only one that has a column for call direction.  If that's still the case you'd need to go into Performance\Interactions and add the direction column if it's not already there - then add whatever other filters you need to view specific agent(s).

    You could also get to a specific agent's interactions by drilling down from their Performance\Agents link.

    Vaun McCarthy
    NTT New Zealand Limited