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Service level down

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  • 1.  Service level down

    Posted 03-22-2021 02:35
    Hi there,

    This morning I noticed one of our queue has a low service level, I drilled down on the queue performance view and found below

    All the calls in that interval were answered, no abandoned, no other red number then why the service level is 33%?

    Sajid Abbas Malek
    Al-Futtaim Technologies - Dubai

  • 2.  RE: Service level down
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    GCAP Member
    Posted 03-22-2021 07:47
    Hello Sajid,

    The Average Wait time for this interval is considerably higher than the intervals above and below.  Since Service Level is defined as the percentage of interactions answered within X time frame, it appears that 2 calls waited longer than X before they were answered.

    Jason Tripp
    Independent Health Association, Inc.