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Canned Response Inline Images

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  • 1.  Canned Response Inline Images

    Posted 02-23-2021 02:52
    Until recently we were able to insert images into canned responses.
    It looks like the UI has changed, but the ability to have inline images has disappeared?
    I have a few customers who use Images in thier e-mail signatures. Anyone have any ideas?

    Brian Allison
    Spark NZ Trading

  • 2.  RE: Canned Response Inline Images

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 02-26-2021 05:05
    hi Brian,

    I was having the same issues, managed to find a method that works using Google Docs (seems as though translating to html first means the Canned Responses will accept what is pasted in) 


    How to create a Canned Response with images using Google Docs 


    1. Copy the desired Canned Response from Outlook / Word
    2. Open Google Docs - from Google (you must be signed in) click the menu button to the left of your user icon in the top left hand corner and scroll down to Docs
    3. Create a New Document by clicking Start a New Document and then select Blank 
      1. Build the canned response in Google Docs by copying and pasting what is required from the original document.
      2. Check any URL links and images appear as required. Right click on an image and select the link option to add a link to an image as below:
      3. Change the view from editing to viewing, and review that your response is as required. When happy click Publish to the Web from the File menu
      4. Copy and open new link for canned response in a new window
      5. Copy the html from the published google document into a new Canned Response in GC under Admin > Contact Centre > Add response
      6. Check all links are as desired on images in GC.
      7. If you have any concerns over the content being published to the web then click File and Move to bin which will delete the content after 30 days from being able to be searched for. You can also highlight everything on the google doc and delete the content. This will mean the document will then be re-saved with no content. Go back to the link you had and you will see it's gone. The canned response will still work.


      Hope this helps,

      Mark Elliott
      Lemon Business Solutions

    1. 3.  RE: Canned Response Inline Images

      Posted 03-01-2021 13:16
      Thanks Mark, I'll give it a go. What a PITA method to simple insert an image, I feel a foray into the Ideas site coming, and the associated pain of waiting for it to happen :-)

      Brian Allison
      Spark NZ Trading

    2. 4.  RE: Canned Response Inline Images
      Best Answer

      Top 25 Contributor
      Posted 03-01-2021 13:28
      No problem Brian, good luck.

      It is a PITA!! :) Although doesn't take too long once you've done it once, it's probably worse written out than actually doing it. I could probably simplify that instruction set to this which makes for much easier reading...

      1. Build your desired canned response into a google doc and publish it to the web
      2. Copy your canned response from the published google doc into the GC Canned response menu and save it

      There is an idea for this on the new ideas site, but no date I can see yet;

      There is a simpler method of adding an inline image if you only want a small number of images and only if the image is hosted on a public website.

      Find an image on a website that you want to use in the canned response. Right click the image and copy link address. now paste this into the Canned Response window.

      This has the risk that if the website is not available or the image is removed then the response won't show the image. This again is a hack.

      Mark Elliott
      Lemon Business Solutions