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Customize Interaction Details with Caller ID

  • 1.  Customize Interaction Details with Caller ID

    Posted 11-17-2020 09:25
    We have recently upgraded to GCloud from PureConnect. When an inbound call comes in normally it states the City/State and Phone number calling on the CTI Widget/Desktop Application. Unless you are great at remembering phone number you don't know who is calling you. Since we have the manage package for Salesforce loaded and integrated with Salesforce. Can we set the Participate Name to show once they have been identified in the system under Customize Interaction Details and if so how do we do it? The problem is we do have it popping the record but sometimes it is slow or they aren't on the Salesforce tab and if you aren't on the tab when the call comes in. It doesn't loaded until you click on the tab.

    Sheldon Breading-Goodrich
    Edelman Financial Engines, LLC