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Callback Expiry

  • 1.  Callback Expiry

    Posted 20 days ago
    All -

    We are expecting a huge call volume..
    If customer opt for the callback within the IVR flow and if shut down our contact center before acknowledging all the callbacks.

    Can they be acknowledge next business day, as soon as the Agent comes to the shift ??

    Hope there is no expiry of the callback sitting in the system ?

    Anurag Gusain

  • 2.  RE: Callback Expiry

    Posted 19 days ago

    I'm not aware of any.  

    The biggest issue is potentially not meeting the customer's expectations for a timely callback.  The average speed of answer will also go way up because that interaction has been sitting all night/weekend.

    Nathan Smith
    ConvergeOne, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Callback Expiry

    Posted 19 days ago
    On a side note, we've had customers who stop offering call backs after a certain time to minimize this sort of thing.

    Sean McGrath
    Avtex Solutions, LLC

  • 4.  RE: Callback Expiry

    Posted 19 days ago
    So, yes, the Callbacks should remain in queue, and because they entered queue the day before they will probably be routed first in the morning, before new incoming calls, which will increase call hold times (and thus probably generate more callbacks...)

    George Ganahl GCP (Genesys Cloud), ICCE
    Principal PS Consultant

  • 5.  RE: Callback Expiry

    GCAP Member
    Posted 16 days ago
    Hi Anurag, reflecting on all of the comments above, we separate our callbacks to a separate queue. The advantage of this is that you can define different service levels and/or report differently on the callbacks that are from the previous business day in your situation. We have had some success with some clear messaging when offering the call back, setting customer call back expectations appropriately and has helped us manage our incoming demand. Hopefully some food for thought!

    James Ross
    Fair Work Ombudsman