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Missing Agent Audio

  • 1.  Missing Agent Audio

    Posted 4 days ago
    Looking for some help here to support a significant issue that is impacting our ability to bring additional agents on the new platform.

    Problem: When an agent loses internet connection/VPN for a moment, there is often an issue caused with their audio setting.  Specifically, the client is unable to hear the agents audio, but the agent can hear the client.  This issue persists until the agent restarts their system, even though the network reconnects.

    Additional Background: Our current set up is with the PureCloud Softphone with on-prem Edges.  All phone agents are working from home.
    Not all agents are experiencing this issue - it is only a handful of individuals at this time.

    Questions:  Has anyone else experienced this audio issue associated with network "blips"?  Are there any configuration settings we need to consider?  Either with the softphone of within the network?

    Matthew Rauenzahn
    Vanguard Group

  • 2.  RE: Missing Agent Audio

    Posted 3 days ago
    I have not experienced this issue, but i can think of a few things to consider.

    First you say that it is only a handful of individuals, but does that imply it is the same people who experience this situation each time?  Does this narrow down something specific to these people or are these people the only ones experiencing connectivity issues?  You mention VPN, so I assume their audio path traverses a software VPN.

    Second you mention a reboot corrects the issue; does that imply that if they have subsequent new calls after the connectivity issue that the new calls experience the same issue?  If they disconnect the VPN and re-establish it the issue persists?  If they restart just the softphone does that change the behavior?

    Also, when the client is experiencing the audio issue, is the client able to reach other services via the VPN?

    The softphone is aware of the client's network interfaces, including software VPN interfaces.  Do you bind the softphone to a specific interface and have you attempted to rebind the softphone after the reconnection?

    If it is a reboot that ultimately fixes the issue - my hunch would be to investigate how the client is handling the IP routes after the connectivity issue. (Windows command 'route print' will display the clients routing table)  Whether you use split tunneling or not may contribute to this.  If you can reproduce the issue with a similar setup you can use Wireshark to see if it the client is still attempting to forward the audio to the Edge via the VPN after the connectivity issue.

    To try to find out why only certain clients experience the issue, i would look into the network topology.  Are your Edges using private (RFC1918) IP addresses?  Is it possible that the VPN client network or the Edge network overlays with certain home LAN network ranges?   Perhaps the VPN client is able to prioritize the correct route but the connectivity issue causes it to select an alternate route and it does not switch back.

    Phil Whitener
    Genesys - Employees