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Purchasing DID - varying search results

  • 1.  Purchasing DID - varying search results

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    Posted 4 days ago
    How does Genesys Cloud Voice Purchase Number search results work?  There appears to always be a maximum of 1000 results returned. Those results vary every time you search.  For example, one day I found almost 800 numbers in area code 267.  When I searched for Philadelphia, PA instead of area code 267, none appeared.  Later that day when I went to purchase numbers, everything was gone. It seems like every time you search the results are random and not complete. I did a search for major cities and often there were no results.  There must be an easier way to search, sort, and then choose numbers.

    Mark Kastner
    Gate 1 Travel

  • 2.  RE: Purchasing DID - varying search results

    Posted 3 days ago
    Mark I've had similar results. It seems if you search by city name you get very few if any results. I wound up specifying the NPA and NXX and found exactly what we needed.

    Not sure why you wouldn't be able to find numbers later in the same day. Possible someone bought up all the numbers? Seems unlikely. If you still can't find any 267 phone numbers I'd recommend opening up a support case with Genesys.

    Paul Dittrich
    Aria Solutions