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Release Link Transfer issue

  • 1.  Release Link Transfer issue

    Posted 10-13-2021 17:45
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    Hi, we are having an issue when using the "Transfer to Number" action in Architect to transfer an inbound call to an external number.

    We have enabled the Release Link Transfer (RLT) setting and the call is transferred with no problem and the link is released from Genesys Cloud successfully. The problem is that somehow the call flow continues its execution by taking the Failure path of the Transfer to Number action.
    It's weird, for the caller, its call is transferred with no issues however, at the same time, the transfer action in the Architect call flow takes the Failure path. We confirmed that by setting a couple of participant attributes if the transfer action takes the failure path and we can see that all of them are set.

    In those attributes we capture the error type and message of the Failure Output:
    Error Type: NoAnswer
    Error Message: No answer; sipCode='503'.

    I must say that the caller is dialing a Toll-Free number which hits our Architect call flow by using a DID number (termination) but, again, from the caller point of view its call is transferred with no issues (Success Path) and the link is released but at the same time the call flow continues its execution taking the Failure path logging the error captured in the participant attributes (No answer; sipCode='503'.)

    I wonder if this is a trunk/edge configuration issue, a problem using RLT with TF numbers or it maybe a bug in Architect.


    Henry ZAMbrano
    Cognizant Technology Solutions