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  • 1.  Webchat questions

    Posted 17 days ago
    Good day everyone!

    I have 2 questions regarding Web Chat.

    I attempted to do my own search but either I'm not getting the keywords right or there's nothing on the subject so far.
    Also tried the idea lab.

    Regarding Webchat:
    Is there anyway to watch for customer inactivity and send them an automated message?
    For example: after 5 minutes of inactivity, automatically send a message: "Are you still there"
    After 5 more minutes: "we are sorry, we have not received a response from you after 10 minutes, we are disconnecting the chat"
    -- system or agent can end conversation.

    Second question:
    What are some good ways to block harassment chats?
    is there an IP address tracker that we can use?

    Thanks a bunch.

    David Moschioni
    Individual Only Contact Account