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Gamification - Default Metrics

  • 1.  Gamification - Default Metrics

    Posted 02-24-2021 09:06
    If something is not a default metric, can one be added? It's odd that no quality metrics are part of the default...and I would want the Quality Score to be a metric on the gamification scoreboard if possible.

    Amber Krueger
    Ultimus Fund Solutions

  • 2.  RE: Gamification - Default Metrics

    Posted 02-24-2021 12:16
    Edited by Shikha Khattar 02-24-2021 12:16
    Hi Amber - Right now, you can only add metrics from the default set. You are right that quality metric is not available in the default set. It definitely is an important metric and we are exploring that for future roadmap!

    Hope this helps.

    Shikha Khattar
    Genesys - Sr. Product Manager, WEM

  • 3.  RE: Gamification - Default Metrics

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-25-2021 15:02
    Great question Amber. You would think this would be one of the first metric types.

    Christopher Kaldenberg
    EMS, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: Gamification - Default Metrics

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-28-2021 21:58
    Also a few other ideas:

    - Wrap up codes - A metric where a certain wrap up code could generate points, would be good for the sales team. They record more sales, get more points.
    - Speed to answer - They get more points for the less time their phone is ringing.
    - RONA (Redirect on no answer) - Lose points when a call is delivered to an agent, however they fail to answer.

    Glen Tylee

  • 5.  RE: Gamification - Default Metrics

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 02-28-2021 23:15
    Hey Glen, the wrap up code one could get a bit tricky as each org likely uses wrap up codes differently - and if an agent knew a certain wrap up code gave them more points they'd choose that.  So you'd then potentially have other QA things to go through.  Of course that can happen to other metrics too - AHT etc.

    The RONA one might also be tricky especially as sometimes RONA is out of their control - ie network, browser, headset issues etc.

    Vaun McCarthy
    NTT New Zealand Limited