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Digital Add Ons - Permissions

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    Posted 03-02-2021 08:57
    Edited by Mark Elliott 03-02-2021 09:04
    We recently added the PureCloud 2 Digital Upgrade I to an account to test the extra functionality this gives without having to dive into the full cost of GC3 - many of the extras we want we think are covered by the add on.
    The problem is that we don't see what is and is not required in permissions to be able to upgrade individuals.

    I have managed to get messaging to work on a Facebook page by applying Messaging > Integration > All permission to my account as per the help page below. But that help page also states it requires a GC3 license so even if I try and do this piecemeal I am going to be running up against information that confuses me! Only when adding roles/permissions do I see the menus I expect, but without knowing exactly which permissions to add, I am missing menus which exacerbates the time to develop. 


    Does anyone have access to a document which shows what extra permissions are enabled by the PureCloud 2 Digital Upgrade I?

    There is the list here -  which shows

    clear options for the GC1 digital upgrade product (as seen in the screenshot below) but not for GC2 digital upgrade product hence I am a little bit lost for what permissions to add for myself to administer this extra capability and what permissions to add for users.



    Mark Elliott
    Lemon Business Solutions