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Survey Data Table lookup

  • 1.  Survey Data Table lookup

    Posted 03-17-2021 01:17
    Edited by Benny Martinez 03-17-2021 01:19
    Hello Team,

    Maybe I've had too much screen time today but I cannot seem to figure out how to search my data table by callers ani in the survey invite flow.  The image below is the "inbound call flow" which I use the right 10 numbers to lookup the phone number in the database table and associate the details of the caller.

    However in the "survey invite" data table lookup you I don't have the call.ani ability.  How would I lookup a user that is on my "Bennys Test Table"? With call.ani or push data from inbound call flow to survey flow?

    Benny Martinez
    Packet Fusion, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Survey Data Table lookup

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 03-17-2021 03:12
    Edited by Vaun McCarthy 03-17-2021 03:12
    Had extended screen time myself but when I last played around with this I used an update data item prior to this and in that one I modified the number format to how I needed it to be.  So for example one of our customers has numbers stored in their CRM in the local number format, not E164, so I have to take the subscribernumber portion of the call.ani variable and put it into a phone number type variable (named Flow.aniSubscriber in my case):


    This essentially takes the +6496496499 from the call.ani variable and returns 096496499.  However it's now stored as a phone number.

    So in my data table lookup I convert that back to a string:


    I'm sure there's a way to compress all that into a single expression/syntax but it works for me.

    I guess it also depends on what number format you have the ANI stored in your data table as too.  In my case the key field is stored as that 0nnnnnnnn format as that's easier for the people that update the data table to remember and how they're stored in their CRM.

    Vaun McCarthy
    NTT New Zealand Limited

  • 3.  RE: Survey Data Table lookup

    Posted 03-17-2021 18:53
    Edited by Benny Martinez 03-17-2021 18:59
    Thank you for the reply Vaun.

    I was able to do a few tests and got it working.
    in other flows "Right(call.ani,10)" is used however in survey "right(Survey.CustomerAddress,10)" is the input.

    "right(Survey.CustomerAddress,10)" which is strange since the rest of the flows use "call.ani" and the survey invite uses "survey.customeraddress" it made me think I was needing to use the external contacts as my primary source for users. Just needed a break and a fresh start.

    Benny Martinez
    Packet Fusion, Inc.