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conversation > call > accept

  • 1.  conversation > call > accept

    Posted 01-27-2021 13:30
    I need someone to confirm that I am, or am not, crazy. I'm seeing now that the permission listed above now requires a Purecloud license type whereas previously it only required a Communicate license. It would appear that this is a recent change as we have long since used the Communicate user permission as the "business user" role for those that do not have contact center capabilities and only take calls directly to a DID or an extension.

    As I sit here today, I have two different users experiencing different behaviors despite having identical roles in the system. For example, UserA has roles 'employee' and 'Communicate - User' and a default phone set as UserA_SIP set on their user properties. Calls to UserA's DID ring their phone (regardless of being logged on) and the user can answer. UserB is set up identically but calls to their DID go directly to voicemail and I'm being told by customer care that the reason for the difference is that UserB does not have the conversation > call > accept permission.

    As I said before enabling that permission seems to now imply a Purecloud license. I don't think I'm crazy in thinking that this represents a change in previous behavior/functionality because if it had always been this way, there would be no reason for two different calling interfaces/panels (calls v. interactions). Additionally, I distinctly remember conversations with Sales when the default phone functionality was released a couple years ago saying that customers could essentially use a "dummy" Communicate user to get a minor cost reduction as the Stand-alone phone features were charging at $11.99 and a Communicate license was only $9.99 and the functional difference was essentially a directory entry.

    I'm directing these questions to Customer Care, but I wanted to post it here to get some community feedback as well:
    1.) Is anyone else currently using the Communicate user for their business users (i.e. non-contact center users)?
    2.) Am I correct in deducing that what I'm experiencing represents a functionality change since launch?
    3.) If this is a change, when did it get implemented?

    Any feedback that someone could provide would be appreciated.


    Chip Sharp
    Sr. Manager, Customer Experience Solutions
    o 321.214.2232 | c 812.360.7115 | TF OH: 866.201.1300 FL: 877.757.5961


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    Posted 01-27-2021 13:38

    Melissa Bailey
    Genesys - Employees

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    Posted 01-27-2021 13:55
    Thanks but the issue here is NON-ACD Interactions.

    Chip Sharp
    Sr. Manager, Customer Experience Solutions -Powernet Global Telecommunications

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    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 02-25-2021 01:40
    What was the outcome of this stuff Chip?

    Vaun McCarthy
    NTT New Zealand Limited

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    Posted 02-26-2021 15:19
    We found if you need to assign a default phone in People for the user.   If there is no default phone and the user is called and they are not logged in with the UI it will go to VoiceMail.  Once we assigned a default phone to the users in People they can receive calls without logging into the UI and inbound calls do not go to VM.

    Martin Bunting
    i3Vision Technologies Inc.