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Integration with Zendesk Chat

  • 1.  Integration with Zendesk Chat

    Posted 08-03-2020 02:43
    We are testing integration b/w PureCloud and Zendesk for a project. For voice calls, it looks clear how things work:

    - Basically agents will be running Zendesk agent desktop. There will be a PureCloud widget enable after the integration is installed and configured.
    - Agents can pick up calls, finish calls, view interaction logs, .., etc. via the widget. When a call comes in, he/she can pick up the call, and serve the customer using Zendesk.
    - Call queues and routings are configured in PureCloud.
    - PureCloud will create an interaction log also.
    - I read some documentation => it seems that in some cases a Zendesk ticket can be created automatically as well. (Please correct me if I am wrong)

    However, I wonder how this flow applies to chats (e.g. Web chats, social media chats). If I configure the chats in PureCloud, when there is an incoming chat, agents are supposed to use PureCloud's desktop to handle those chats. Is there any way we can configure queues and routings in PureCloud, but allows agents to handle incoming chats using Zendesk Chat Desktop?

    p.s. If I configure those chats via Zendesk widget, those incoming chats will not be routed through PureCloud at all.

    Wong Ricky
    Individual Only Contact Account