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  • 1.  Disable Quotes messages

    Posted 06-01-2018 14:51
    I had a customer ask me today if we can disable the Quotes messages you see in some of the PureCloud screens. Can we disable these?

    Like the one below from Mother Teresa. I know, "bah humbug", but anyone got an answer?


    Greg Beal

  • 2.  RE: Disable Quotes messages

    Posted 06-05-2018 09:16
    At present, no, there's no way to disable those. Seems like a reasonable request -- and not the first time I've heard it! -- so we'll look into this for the future.

    Brian Dupuis
    Genesys - Sr. Director, PureCloud UI

  • 3.  RE: Disable Quotes messages

    Posted 08-26-2020 11:32
    Is there any update on this? We have a request to do the same....



    Charles Skowron
    MAXIMUS, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: Disable Quotes messages

    Posted 08-26-2020 11:33
    Hi, I would like to follow up again on this thread as we are being asked the same question today. Is there an option to remove or configure the quotes that are seen when waiting on queue?


    Chandra Oakland
    MAXIMUS, Inc.

  • 5.  RE: Disable Quotes messages

    Posted 08-28-2020 18:29
    Hi Charles, Chandra,

    You can hide those inspirational quotes by clicking on the hide button at the bottom of the page while On Queue.


    Charaf Eddine Chemlal
    NTT France

  • 6.  RE: Disable Quotes messages

    Posted 10-27-2021 12:19
    Hi all,

    It's now 3 years since this question was asked... We are just implementing cloud and the first thing I was asked: "can we please turn these messages off permanently off all users on a system level" or (better) "can we configure our own messages to be displayed"

    To both so far the answer is No?

    Have any ideas been submitted for this?

    R. Reinold