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Agentless campaign dialing a GC group

  • 1.  Agentless campaign dialing a GC group

    Posted 10-25-2021 14:25

    Hi all,
    One of our clients has a requirement for their voice flow, when a button is pressed, a canned voicemail should be sent to a group (one of 2 different ones).

    To perform this, i created an outbound flow, custom data action for inserting contacts into an outbound list, and a campaign which would perform the dialing.

    The idea is that the contact inserted would be the group's extension/phone number, and if the group is set so, the call would go straight to voicemail, and all would be well.

    Unfortunately, the agentless campaign acts very weird when the group extension/did is set as contact phone. Campaign calls do seem to occur, but no audio is recorded, and the interaction must be disconnected by using the disconnect tool (otherwise it lasts for hours)

    Does anyone have an idea if agentless campaign->internal numbers dialing is intentionally disabled, or i'm just missing something

    Thank you,


    Nebojsa Radovanovic
    Star Telecom