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Answer SIP calls through Genesys Cloud agent workspace

  • 1.  Answer SIP calls through Genesys Cloud agent workspace

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    Posted 15 days ago
    Hello dear experts. How are you?

    I was wondering if it is possible for an agent on a SIP phone through the Genesys Cloud webpage (BYOC Premises environment with Virtual Edge).

    I would expect that it would issue a command to Edge and then Edge would send a SIP NOTIFY message with "Event: talk" header. But I didn't see any SIP signaling from Edge to the SIP phone when the "Answer" button is clicked on the webpage.

    Is it possible? If so, what needs to be configured for this?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

    Henrique D. Sujdik

    Henrique Sujdik
    Interaxa Brasil

  • 2.  RE: Answer SIP calls through Genesys Cloud agent workspace

    Posted 11 days ago
    I think the experience you are asking about is "auto answer" so that the agent does not have to answer the call on the GC client and on the phone itself.  The experience depends on the type of phone you are using.  If you are using one of the supported managed phones there is mostly an auto answer feature, which similar to how you stated can use an INVITE or NOTIFY to take the remote device off hook to provide a seemless experience for the user.  You often will not experience this with a Generic SIP device since each vendor must support auto-answer though signaling and the way the vendor implemented it must be supported by Genesys Cloud.

    It is important to note that there are some security concerns with implict auto answer, so that may contribute to how and when it is used.  Allowing a remote media device to go off hook without interaction on that device, in regards to opening a mic and speaker on a hard phone or softphone is not something to allow without consideration.

    If you are experiencing auto-answer not working on a manged device (Polycom , AudioCodes, WebRTC softphone, or PureCloud SIP Softphone) please provide details about the device you are using.

    If you are attempting auto-answer with a generic SIP device, there are mentions of auto-answer using RFC-5373 on the Resource Center here:  I have not tested this myself to see if this is currently supported.  Some other softphones, such an Linphone, support auto answer through configuration on the client.  If signaling is not an option, the phone may have a "always auto answer mode" to allow control through the GC client.

    An alternate approach if you are attempting to setup auto-answer with a generic SIP device, is to consider using a persistent station connection.  With a persistent station connection, the connection to the station will be opened and remain open between calls so that interaction with the SIP devices is not required for each call.  More details are here:

    Also note that there is an user based auto answer feature for ACD interactions where the user would not be required to press "Answer" in Genesys Cloud for ACD interactions, but still may have intervention on the softphone.  More details are here:

    Phil Whitener
    Genesys - Employees