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  • 1.  Chat queue

    Posted 10-12-2021 06:05
    Hi there,

    Is Genesys guest chat able to identify if there are agents online/in the queue?
    We have schedules set up in Architect but let's say for instance, we have a fire alarm and forget to turn the emergency feature on and all agents log out/go off queue, would Genesys purecloud (widget v3) be able to tell and stop putting customers in a queue? Or would chat still present and customers would still be put through without knowing?

    If the latter, I am assuming we can build something in architect that could potentially identify user status and prevent being put in queue as a fallback if we don't manage to turn on Emergency setting?

    Lastly, if all agents who can take chats hit their chat limit of however many chats we state they can take at a time, again would Genesys prevent chat from showing or just continue as normal? Other providers have settings for all of this but unsure if Genesys did. From my experience it doesn't but just checking!


    eilidh bennett
    Europa Group