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Genesys Cloud Weekly Release Notes - 4/7/2021

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  • 1.  Genesys Cloud Weekly Release Notes - 4/7/2021

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    Contact center

    New location for quality management evaluations and surveys

    Quality management evaluations and surveys now appear in the right panel in the interactions details view, instead of in tabs. This enhancement enables quality evaluators and supervisors to view an evaluation or survey, and simultaneously view customer journey, recording, transcripts, and conversation details in the main panel, without having to switch tabs. For more information, see View an interaction's evaluations and View an interaction's details. This feature requires one of the following subscriptions: Genesys Cloud User 2, Genesys Cloud User 3, Genesys Cloud 1 WEM Upgrade 2, or Genesys Cloud 2 WEM Upgrade 1.

    Additional Spanish sentiment analysis support

    Sentiment analysis is now available for US and Latin America Spanish (es-US) and Spain Spanish (es-ES). For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages. This feature requires the following subscription: Genesys Cloud User 3.


    Developer Center refresh

    The refreshed Developer Center enables developers to select their preferred color theme, provides detailed feedback about site content on each page, and contains foundational changes that set the stage for future improvements. It also has a new domain name. Access the refreshed Developer Center at Redirects will forward existing bookmarks and links to the new site. This feature has no restriction by user or required user to access.


    CIDR IP address range for cloud media services change

    On April 2, 2021, Genesys implemented the CIDR IP address range for cloud media services change as planned for the US West region only. On April 16, 2021, Genesys will implement the CIDR IP address range for cloud media services change for all other regions. Customers should check the Genesys Cloud system status page for updates and contact Customer Care if issues occur. For more information, see CIDR IP address range for cloud media services change.


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