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Where are Mail/Digital Channel Flows executed?

  • 1.  Where are Mail/Digital Channel Flows executed?

    Posted 12 days ago
    Edited by Facundo Nowicky 12 days ago

    We've been having issues in one of our implementations, and checking in iLo we see 24/7 100% CPU usage, even when there are few calls.-
    Coincidentally, Issues seem to have appeared around the time we implemented a mail channel.
    And the Flow for this channel has some intense loops looking for around 200 keywords in each mail body.
    So I'm theorizing that it could be what's causing the heavy processing.

    I know that logically Digital Channel Flows should be run in the cloud, but, I wanted to check. 

    Where are Mail and other Digital Channels Flows being executed?

    Thank you,


    Facundo Nowicky
    Interaxa S.A.