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Data tables in Architect

  • 1.  Data tables in Architect

    Posted 01-15-2021 06:45
    Hello community,

    I haven't found so far any information regarding the number of data tables that can be used in a single incoming flow. I have created a flow in which I use 2 data tables for routing scenarios.

    One data table that contains email addresses of agents and skills and one data table that contains agent DIDs and skills. In both tables, the skill fields are the same. I have inserted the data lookup action in the flow in which the email address is searched and based on the address, the output will be a skill value. In case no email address is found (Not Found action), I have added another data lookup action that searches for the DID in the second data table, which should return the same skill value. For some reason this does not work. In the end the call arrives at the queue with a generic skill I have added, for failure and not found scenarios.

    Should I implement this differentely? Can I use 2 data tables in the same flow? Is there a limit per task maybe?


    Charis Sideridis
    Intracom S.A. Telecom Solutions

  • 2.  RE: Data tables in Architect

    Posted 01-15-2021 08:59
    I'm guessing the issue you are running into has to do with data type conversion. Try using the Find Skill action after the data table lookup to convert the string skill name in the table to an actual skill. You might also Set some attributes at each point in the logic to verify the value of each variable being used - could also be a simple typo.

    You can use the API explorer > Conversations > Get Conversation to view the custom attributes associated with a conversation. Great troubleshooting tool!

    David Currier
    Individual Only Contact Account

  • 3.  RE: Data tables in Architect

    Posted 01-20-2021 03:46
    Thank you David for your reply, the API explorer is really helpful.

    Charis Sideridis
    Intracom S.A. Telecom Solutions