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Extension transformation by trunk

  • 1.  Extension transformation by trunk

    Posted 9 days ago
    Trying to use trunk transformation to manipulate caller id.

    Essentially we want to give an agent an extension of 99(7digits), if they make a call we want transformation to detect this and change it to 303(same7digits).

    The idea here is the agent does NOT have a DID, because their DID is instead going to an inbound flow. However we want to let their outbound caller id reflect their DID, so we would make the 7 digits their DID 7 digits, and use transformation to essentially swap in our NPA at the front and 99 is used to detect that its an extension coming through vs a normal caller id.

    However i cannot get the trunk transformation to find a match, i can get it to accept a blanket (.*) and replace their caller id, but i can't get it to match against anything more specific and therefore i can't gather the last 7 digits or get it to ignore strings that shouldn't match.

    I've looked at pcaps but the header is past transformation and even looking for an exact match of the from in the header doesn't result in a match/change.

    I guess my basic question is "what the heck is sent to the trunk for calling when an extension is in play that i can use a regex to match against?"

    WilliAM Tracy
    Angie's List, Inc.