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Salesforce popup on call answering and not on call offering

  • 1.  Salesforce popup on call answering and not on call offering

    Posted 13 days ago



    Our customer is using the Salesforce integration to allow agents to manage inbound calls from their Salesforce interface.

    (Genesys Cloud 'widget' for Salesforce).

    A popup has been configured to display the Salesforce case info on incoming call (SF_SearchValue).

    The popup is triggered when a new call is offered to the agent. But sometimes this popup is annoying for the agent who was busy on another Salesforce page.


    Would it be possible to trigger this popup only when the agent decides to answer the call?


    What we've already tried is:

    • To configure the softphone layout in Salesforce to open the case in a new tab or window. But after a while the web browser of the agent is plenty of old tabs.


    • design a Script in Genesys Cloud to test the interaction state using a custom action and looping every 500 msec until the interaction gets connected or call gone. And once the interaction state is 'connected' then we open an URL to display the case info. It works but the problem is that the popup can only occur in a new tab and is really  too slow.

    Is there any way to trigger this popup on call answering and not on call offering?


    Thanks in advance for any assistance.




    Didier Wielemans
    NTT Belgium NV/SA

  • 2.  RE: Salesforce popup on call answering and not on call offering

    Posted 12 days ago

    There is not a configuration option to have screenpops fire on the connected event, and we have no plans to add such a configuration at this time.  That said, with the newly released client extension points and the lightning messaging service, the tools exist to attempt your own customization that intercepts the screenpop method, listens for the conversation connected event, then fires the new screenpop event.

    With all that said, this sounds more like a status management issue, where the Agents are in a status that would allow them to receive conversations from the ACD system despite not actually being ready to accept conversations.  It would likely be more effective for the agent to be in a non-acd status that reflects that they are doing additional work (either remaining in ACW, or using a status like "Busy- case work", either of which would prevent conversations from being routed).  The lightning messaging service events would be an excellent way to automate this, using the status events to automate their Genesys Cloud status based on the work they are doing in Salesforce; if they are on a record that requires additional work time, their status in Genesys Cloud could be automatically set to "Busy-case work" until they complete their work and close the Salesforce object, which would then trigger an event to set their Genesys Cloud status to "on queue".

    Relevant links:

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  • 3.  RE: Salesforce popup on call answering and not on call offering

    Posted 12 days ago

    Thanks for your answer Richard.

    It is obvious that we have to educate agents to update their status according to their current tasks.

    Having an option to fire screenpop on call offering or on call answering would be very useful.

    We will have a look to the Salesforce LMS but we would like to avoid customization as much as possible.



    Didier Wielemans
    NTT Belgium NV/SA