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How to do 3 call attempts per customer using Preview mode

  • 1.  How to do 3 call attempts per customer using Preview mode

    Posted 9 days ago
    We haven't used outbound much, but I have a question about best practices for an outbound campaign running in Preview mode (because our agents need to consult the customer interactions before initiating the contact).

    Controls aren't supported for Preview campaign. Let's say the agent dials a the customer in a Preview run campaign.

    1. Let's say the customer doesn't pick up. Let's say we want to make at least 2 more attempts at this customer before registering them as non-reachable. Let's say we want some kind of interval between the attempts, i.e. if the customer doesn't pick up, make another attempt at another hour or maybe the next day. How might we accomplish this? 

    2  Let's say the customer picks up and we end up with a callback request. In this case, is the way do handle this to just let the agent register an ad hoc callback using the built-in callback tab in the live conversation?

    Scenarion 2 feels straighforward -  I put it there for completeness - but I really welcome any tips on how to handle our use case scenario 1.
    Any thoughts?

    Joel Hellman