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Choosing "Phone Type" while setting up a Contact List

  • 1.  Choosing "Phone Type" while setting up a Contact List

    Posted 4 days ago
    Edited by Dustin Braun 4 days ago

    My organization is about to start using a secondary phone number within the Contact List and I want to make sure I fully understand what "Phone Type" is the best choice for us to select. We will have two phone numbers to use, a PRIMARY PHONE and a SECONDARY PHONE. I did attempt searching for answers but couldn't find them. Thanks in advance.

    Our need:
    • The first number dialed by the campaign will be the PRIMARY PHONE
    • If the PRIMARY PHONE attempt was not successful, the SECONDARY PHONE should be presented to the agent to be dialed. 
    • Currently, we do not have a preference to state that one phone is a daytime vs an evening phone number.
    • What "Phone Types" are best for us to choose to meet our needs?
    • Does a specific "Phone Type" drive certain behavior?
      • aka, "Evening" is only dialed in the evening?
    • Is there anything that needs to be done in Genesys to have the Campaign attempt the second phone number once it's been mapped in the Contact List? 
      • My testing shows that it doesn't. 
      • If you can point me to any description of how this works I'd greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you all so much!


    Dustin Braun
    Prospero Management Services, LLC.