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  • 1.  Holiday Schedule Reminder

    Posted 11-23-2020 14:21
    Edited by Mike Castro 11-23-2020 14:49

    Holiday Schedule Reminder:

    With the end of the year coming up, we in Genesys Cloud support want to wish everyone the very best after such an eventful year.  With the end of the year, we also know that these next few months have several holidays in them, and we would recommend you take some time to review your holiday schedules and schedule groups.

    • Confirm schedules to make sure they are correct for the hours you will be open/closed.
    • Make sure that Thanksgiving is set up for the Fourth Thursday of November, and not for a specific date, since this date rotates each year.
    • Another common mistake we want to avoid is to have your holiday schedule run for the entire day and not for a certain open time period.
    • Make sure all Audio Prompts are up to date and accurate.

    • Confirm that any overflow/on-call logic is working before the actual holiday.


    Mike Castro
    Technical Instructor