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Best solution for 'White Labeling' servicing?

  • 1.  Best solution for 'White Labeling' servicing?

    Posted 4 days ago
    Hi!  Below is the scenario that I am attempting to best solve for within PureCloud:

    1) White labeling requirement - different TFN, IVR and queue for a partnership that we will be supporting (i.e- our agents will answer the call to service as if we worked for their brand)
    2) Pooled environment - all agents will be staffed in our base queues and this new queue
    3) Whisper to inform the agent of the call type
    4) Distinct service level reporting; distinct productivity/ volume reporting
    5) Access control for call listening/ recording (i.e- need to limit call recording access to only this new queue for certain individuals)

    I know that 1-4 can easily be handled by just creating a new call flow and a new queue.  However, I am not familiar with divisions or the way to best enable requirement 5 while ensuring that we are able to route calls for this new queue to all agents.

    Would love to hear any thoughts that the experts have on this one!  Hoping to land the best solution as we continue to integrate new brands and partners without overcomplicating the administration.

    Many thanks!


    Matt Keleshian

  • 2.  RE: Best solution for 'White Labeling' servicing?

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hey Matt,

    Yup, permissions could be used to control who is/isn't allowed to access the voice recordings. If however you're working with a multi-tenancy style of setup, you could also create a Division for each of your  "Tenants' and grant permissions to certainly users who may access the voice recordings for each or all the Division.

    Further details can be found here:, however, feel free to come back to me if you need anything further.


    JJ Earle-Henson
    Global SPARK Team
    Senior Strategic Sales Consultant