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WFM-Warning messages related to Time-off requests

  • 1.  WFM-Warning messages related to Time-off requests

    Posted 9 days ago
    Morning everyone!

    I have several questions and doubts related to WFM features, sorry if these ones are already in the community but i haven´t found it and also I'm new in WFM field.

    When generate a new schedule for the next weeks ahead, we found that different warning messages appear, the most of them are related to the type 'UnableToScheduleMinWeeklyWorkDays' or that a specific working day could not be scheduled ('UnableToScheduleWorkDay').

    For the first one, in the weekly constraints configuration features the minimum number of days that you can schedule is 1, so what happens if an Agent has a complete week on holidays, that it is something usual?
    How can we avoid this warning message for the minimum weekly work days when an Agent has a complete week for vacation?

    For the second type of message, the issue is that when we create the time-off request and have approved them previously to generate a new schedule, these kind of messages appear. If we do it in the opposite order these warning messages do not appear. So, is there any order in which we have to do this? so first generate the schedule and then create time-off requests or in the other way around. How is the appropriate way to do it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Laura C.

    Laura Cepeda
    Indra Sistemas S.A.