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Interacting vs Total Handle

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    GCAP Member
    Posted 9 days ago
    Hoping to get some clarification around the correlation between 'interacting' and 'total handle' in the agent views.
    Per the resource center -
    Agent Status Summary View - interacting = the time the agent was handling interactions
    Agent Performance Summary View - total handle = talk time + hold time + after-call work, and for outbound calls, dialing time + contacting time

    I am comparing these two metrics for agents, and they are close but not the same. Based on the individual metrics that make up total handle, I cannot find one (or more) that accounts for the difference between the two.

    Here is the data for a few agents. My end goal is to get to a 'working time' metric, which combines time spent on/after calls and idle time (from the Agent Status Summary).I hope to use interacting time for the call-handling piece, but need to be able to verify what specifically it is/includes is a necessity.

    Agent Status Agent Performance Calculations
    Agent Name Interacting Total Handle Total Talk Total Hold Total ACW Total Alert - No Answer Total Alert Total Contacting Total Dialing Handle-Interact Talk + Wrap Talk+Hold+ACW+Dial+Contact Talk+Hold+ACW
    agent 1 1797584 1800907 1110401 695000 2526 3323 1805401 1805401 1805401
    agent 2 4932488 4958211 3784599 1185000 4149 13 49 25723 4969599 4969661 4969599
    agent 3 7211277 7211901 6173340   1044000   2555     624 7217340 7217340 7217340


    Emily Kammerer
    Ascendium Education Group, Inc.