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Call.CalledAddress & Call.Ani

  • 1.  Call.CalledAddress & Call.Ani

    GCAP Member
    Posted 12-30-2020 09:06

    Hi community

    just want to share with you the following behavior regarding Data Tables lookup when using Call.CalledAddress & Call.Ani

    • For Call.Ani - this will use the ANI or the number of the caller which means an outbound number. An outbound number is being normalized by Number plan so if the outside number enters, it will be normalized from "+419152241471" to "tel:+19152241471". For this, the system will detect the ANI as "tel:+419152241471" format for the lookup


    • For Call.CalledAddress or Call.CalledAddressOriginal - this will use the DNIS or the number dialed by the caller, most probably one of DID in Genesys Cloud as this number is the called address that caused the caller to enter this flow. Using the format "+4969945189455" will make the expression for data lookup work.

     I hope it helps



    Gennaro Montanino

  • 2.  RE: Call.CalledAddress & Call.Ani

    Posted 12-31-2020 10:56
    To make life easier, you can use the right function to get it down to just the 10 digits you care about:
    Right (Call.Ani, 10)

    Mike Steinke
    Inflow Communications

  • 3.  RE: Call.CalledAddress & Call.Ani

    Posted 01-04-2021 03:19
    Another option can be is to use ToPhoneNumber(Call.Ani).e164

    John van de Ven

    John van de Ven
    KPN B.V.