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Adding Notes to a Scheduled Callback Request

  • 1.  Adding Notes to a Scheduled Callback Request

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 10-26-2020 00:38
    Hi Team -

    Is there any way to add / capture notes related to a scheduled Callback (not the original call) so, when the callback is made, the Agent can see what the Callback was related to?

    Would be very useful, regardless of whether the Callback goes to the original Agent or other Agent.

    Alternatively, is there any way to associate the Callback to the original call?


    Thanks and regards,
    Malcolm Green
    Nexon Asia Pacific

  • 2.  RE: Adding Notes to a Scheduled Callback Request

    Posted 10-27-2020 09:08
    Malcolm - I just tested this in the native agent UI and we are returning notes I took on an inbound call when the callback presents back to the agent.  Here were the steps I took to test:

    1. Received inbound call
    2. Added notes to the notes screen
    3. Scheduled callback
    4. Ended call
    5. Waited for callback to present back to my agent
    6. Confirmed notes were still there.

    While the notes were attached to the original call - they presented with the callback - which is, I think, what you are trying to achieve.

    Can you confirm?

    Chris Bohlin
    Product Manager - PureCloud