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AMA Intro - Adam Firestine, Senior Engineer and UI Expert

  • 1.  AMA Intro - Adam Firestine, Senior Engineer and UI Expert

    Posted 11-12-2019 07:22

    Hi Everyone,


    I'm a Senior Engineer that works on PureCloud. I mainly focus on issues that pertain to things within the UI or User Interface.  I have been with Genesys for 2 years and have worked on PureCloud that entire time.  I will be one of the experts on the Scheduling AMA tomorrow (11/13) in the PureCloud Community. During the AMA, I'd love to discuss any questions you may have around Schedules and Schedule Groups or questions pertaining to those.

    My hobbies revolve around build computers, working on cars, playing video games, skateboarding/snowboarding, and I can be a real beer snob 😉

    Looking forward to speaking with everyone then! During the AMA, make sure to use the tag #Ask Me Anything (AMA) in your post! I can't wait to hear what questions you have, and I look forward to speaking with you all!



    Side note -  If you are unsure what an AMA is or just want to know the best way to get involved in one, visit the Community's AMA Page. And, if you have any questions about the details of an AMA, feel free to ask them in the 
    Genesys Casual Community.

    #Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    Adam Firestine
    Genesys - Employees