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Inbound call routing

  • 1.  Inbound call routing

    Posted 28 days ago

    Dear Team,

    Hope you all are well.

    I was facing an issue while integrating a SIP line, with one of our customers.

    The inbound calls were normalized to (either unified or one of the DID number), when i make the calls from provider A its working, and when i make the calls from other providers B &C the call is reaching the system, however not playing the IVR. I tried using all possible number plans to route still the same error. it disconnects automatically.

    After my investigation, the numbers are coming in the same format, and the one number is processed normally and other call its showing this error

    "startTime": "2020-12-21T09:39:46.578Z",
    "endTime": "2020-12-21T09:39:46.639Z",
    "type": "System",
    "howEnded": "Disconnect",
    "disconnectType": "error"
    "errorInfo": {
    "message": "{resourceId} failed to join",
    "code": "",
    "messageWithParams": "{resourceId} failed to join",
    "messageParams": {

    And when i tried to check with the provider, they said its not being processed from your PBX.

    you can see in the below image, as both the number came in the same format, the first was processed and second didn't.

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

    Thank you


    Teja Darbha
    Jathwa Technology Solutions
    Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  • 2.  RE: Inbound call routing

    GCAP Member
    Posted 27 days ago

    Hi Teja

    have you opened a case to Genesys Care? Have you upladed the SIP Trace?

    Gennaro Montanino