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Not dialling contacts for 21 days

  • 1.  Not dialling contacts for 21 days

    Posted 10-28-2020 17:04

    Hi, we are trying to implement a 21 day cool off period before calling a contact again.

    We have a service that handles the importing & removal of contacts based off some criteria in our CRM however this only works for contacts that we know the wrap up for (calls that get through to an agent with answering phone detection on).

    The attempt configurations in PureCloud don't seem to be what we need so we looked at using a rule to skip contacts if the last attempt was within 21 days. Callable contacts in the contact list are only those that are yet to be called or have a wrap up assigned by the dialler (answering machine).

    However, in the contact list it looks like the act of skipping a contact updates the last attempted date and therefore forever pushes back the 21 day cool off period. Is there another way to implement a 21 day cool off for answering machines?



    Bertrand Chapman
    Guide Dogs QLD