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    Posted 10-13-2021 02:52
    Hi Team

    I implemented new project, it the first Genesys Cloud project for me, and I have some question if possible to help:

    1. Because we can't add or change the name for Primary status, and can add secondary status only,

    My question if I add secondary status under available as example, it will reflect on report or will appear available only?

    2. Is possible to add attachments on Webchat because I already disable the button on organization setting but still I can't add attachments?

    3. Is possible to added busy and waiting tone in IVR for tone?

    4. Regarding the welcome message in Webchat, I can added text or Guest Name, but how can add the agent name by default, as example:

    Hello Ahmad Welcome to Genesys, This is Sajed

    So, how can put variable instead of Sajed.

    5. And Last question Is possible to add the Language for the call to script?


    Sajed Salah
    Fourth Dimension Systems LLC