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  • 1.  Occupancy - Genesys Definition

    Posted 10-09-2021 07:07
    For the Analytics team ...

    According to the resource center, Genesys defines actual occupancy as "the total time in Interacting routing status / total actual on-queue time (Interacting + Communicating + Idle routing status time) in interval" (Workforce management metric definitions - Genesys Cloud Resource Center).

    This definition seems to imply that routing status is intended to be a subset of "On Queue" time ( total actual on-queue time (Interacting + Communicating + Idle routing status time) in interval). Is that the intention? The issue we are coming across is that because an agent can be "Interacting" while not actually "On Queue" (for example, they are Off Queue but place a call on behalf of a queue, or they are Off Queue and Available and receive a transferred ACD conversation - there may be other instances), using this method of calculating occupancy may not reflect the actual time an agent is available to be doing productive work, given they may not necessarily be "On Queue" to be in an "Interacting" routing status.

    Any thoughts on this?



    Jamie Drury

  • 2.  RE: Occupancy - Genesys Definition

    Posted 10-10-2021 01:07
    Hi Jamie -
    We also have customers where Agents may have extended ACW time for valid reasons, sometimes over 2 hours if they are (for example) processing insurance claims.
    It would be useful to be able to select the components to be considered, however I fear this would be overly complicated.

    Thanks and regards,
    Malcolm Green
    Nexon Asia Pacific