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Secure Data Actions

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  • 1.  Secure Data Actions

    Posted 21 days ago


    We are trying to solve a problem with call rules not being able to use a custom data action. 

    The scenario is that we upload a list of customers in arrears every month, and we would like Genesys Cloud to be able to run a pre-call rule to check when the call is due to be dialed (say a week or two later) and skip the dial if the arrears state is no longer valid - rather than agents having to manually skip the calls, or predictive calls being placed unnecessarily. 

    We have built a data action to pull the live arrears state from Salesforce by using the individual account number, and the action has worked when tested. 

    However, when we go to use this action in a rule, we get an error stating that "The data action must be configured as secure for use with contact columns'. The summary screen for the data action indicates that 'This action does not support sensitive data within an interaction flow in Architect'. 

    As we are not - at this stage - using this data action anywhere in Architect, just in this call rule, is there a way to set the action so that it can be used?



    Katie Brassell
    Compassion Australia

  • 2.  RE: Secure Data Actions
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    Posted 20 days ago
    Before the action is published, it can be set to be designated as "secure".  This does not change the operation of the action, or modify how it behaves from a security setting, but rather specifically designates that this action is intended to be used in scenarios that deal with potentially sensitive data that might be covered by a data governance regime.  It is really an acknowledgement by the action administrator, rather than a technical change.

    In order to remedy your situation, I would make a copy of your existing action, but prior to publishing the copy, select the "secure" toggle.  This should enable you to use it in your desired location.

    Richard Schott
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Secure Data Actions

    Posted 19 days ago
    Hi Richard - this has worked like a charm! Thank you so much.

    Katie Brassell
    Compassion Australia