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  • 1.  Edit Company Directory User Properties

    Posted 01-20-2016 19:19
    2015 R3 P 11 Observation. If I right click on a user in the Company Directory in the Client and go to properties, I can click on the Business Tab and see more fields here than I can in the Personal Info tab in IA for that user. Questions. How can I modify that information? Say I want to add the City and State. I have administrator access, and have given myself Directory Administrator. I can modify other directories, just not the company directory. I have exhausted all of my help files. I am assuming I will have to do an import directly to the table in the database, which I really don't want to do. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Ang

  • 2.  RE: Edit Company Directory User Properties

    Posted 01-20-2016 22:06
    The information in the Company Directory is indirectly populated from the account information on the mailbox associated with the user. Assuming that your mail system is Exchange, update the corresponding fields on the user's account in Active Directory.

  • 3.  RE: Edit Company Directory User Properties

    Posted 01-20-2016 23:46
    Ang, Are those the Exchange users, or the ones not tied to Exchange (I think you said you have both)? For both Exchange and non-Exchange you should see all the tabs in IA under Personal Info, per the screenshot...General, Home, Business, Business 2, More Phone Numbers, Internet, and Notes.[ATTACH]702[/ATTACH] For Exchange users, as stated in the last comment, those can only be updated in Active Directory. Wait 15 minutes and you should see the updated values in IA/Client. For users without a mailbox (or an Interaction Message Store mailbox, or other mailbox without an associated Directory), you should be able to edit those fields directly. Also, note that the Properties for a user in the Company Directory in the Client do not come from the database, but from the Registry (which is where IA stores those values), so putting those values in the database won't do any good. That's just informational rather than being the actual settings used by the system.

  • 4.  RE: Edit Company Directory User Properties

    Posted 01-21-2016 14:23
    I figured it out late last night, it is the users profiles in AD that need to be updated. I appreciate the reply's!! We are having issues with the Exchange users anywho, their data not populating into the reports, or rather the individuals table, but we are still waiting to have the tracker duplicate script run to removed the duplicates before doing another tracker import. Ang

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