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  • 1.  Call Flow

    Posted 02-21-2018 13:12
    Hello All, We have requirement a "deliveryapp" send "customer order" to vendor. → If Vendor didn’t pick the order → Client CRM will send the vendor Numbers to campaign(agentless) with customers order ID → campaign will dial the vendor first number(Primary Number) without agent(if not connected) → second Number(if not connected) → then third number(If connected)then it will provide the selection option to the vendor to change the status of order(picked/Item Available/Item Not Available) → If Vendor(Restaurant Owner) didn’t change the status in 90 seconds → Now Client CRM will send vendor multiple numbers into (predictive/preview) campaign and agent will directly speak to vendor(CRM Popup will show the vendor and customer Information and agent can edit and update the details/order menu), (If vendor doesn’t respond to 1st call(first number) dialer will dial → second number → then third number → if all calls are unanswered then (agent/system will update, vendor not responding). Client ERP/DB send vendor information to dialer contact list every time whenever the order not picked by vendor. Client : third party(delivery app) Vendor : shop Owner Thanks Meraj mohdmerajahmed87@gmail.com +919397080821