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  • 1.  Preview campaign without ACD inbound calls...

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    Posted 09-15-2010 14:28
    Hi. In our company we have have team A on-call workers, which sometimes works on scripter.net with our custom scripts, which is preview campaign. To get new records in our scripter, we must set status from campaign call to some with ACD (ex. Available), but then they can have inbound calls. It is very frustrating. When in our script I change status to Available, No ACD - no inbound calls, but also no new records in scripter. How can I disable inbound calls during work in scripter.net in our custom scripts or campaign rules? Help me and sorry for my english. :confused:

  • 2.  RE: Preview campaign without ACD inbound calls...

    Posted 09-17-2010 18:09
    Create a new workgroup for outbound operations and set this workgroup on related workflow. Member of this new workgroup should not be member of any inbound workgroup. Have fun :)

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